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Erin Sharkey Wins "Above & Beyond Award" For Fourth Quarter 2017

WE Transport is proud to announce that Erin Sharkey is the winner of the "Above & Beyond Award" for the fourth quarter of 2017.

Erin brings a fantastic attitude and a high level of energy to the position. Her "kill them with kindness" approach helps her deal with screaming school districts, frantic parents, and cranky dispatchers.

Erin is the consummate team player and she exhibits an unending desire and determination "to get the job done." Over the past ten years, she has served as a great liaison between the company and its customers.

Erin is always willing to help out wherever needed and whenever necessary. Whether it's pitching in for a co-worker away on vacation or assisting a customer outside of business hours, this employee always steps up to answer the call.

This has been especially true during the 4th quarter, when Erin clearly went above and beyond her normal duties by tirelessly putting in countless hours to help put together bid specs for important contracts.

Congratulations Erin!